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 - week 18 & counting down
 Well what have I been doing these last few weeks?
A lot of the time has been spent getting this web site ready to go live. All the basics have been done and now the main items will of course be our diary of events as they unfold on our travels. In the meantime while we are waiting for the off I will let you know what I have been doing in the way of preparations.

Last week I sent off copies of my passport, driving licence, international driving licence, vehicle registration documents and MOT certificate as well as photos of each side of my vehicle. These all had to go to Will at Exploratory Overland Expeditions who in turn sends them to his Chinese agent to get a price to enter China.

I also refitted my winch which I removed to have the bull bar sand blasted and powder coated and now it doesn’t work. It did work at first but stopped as I was winding in the rope. That is another job for the experts as I haven’t a clue how to fix it.

As I have said previously I am not a computer wiz kid and tend to paint by numbers, so if you see any mistakes I wont be offended if you point them out to me. What I would like you all to do thought is to click onto Sponsor Us and see if we can get the ball rolling. Thank you.