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 - week 6 & counting down
 I went back to the tent manufacturers on Monday with the tent installed to show how bad a fit it was. They could see the problem and made me a new tent by lunch time the following day. It is not perfect  as I had to put a tuck in each side to keep it taught all round. They did say they would have it back and put a seam in the two long corners but I wanted to go to the Motor Home Show at Peterborough on Thursday so kept it as it was.This is the first time they have done this job on a Land Rover and  I am happy with it as the material is far better than the previous material I had and is 100%  waterproof.
Well the Motor Home show was excellent with hundreds of motor homes for sale as well as hundreds  of stalls selling every add on you could possibly want for your M/H. We did buy one or two items including a tin opener. Would you believe we went away without one. Well we haven’t been away for a while in the van and just such a trip is to iron out the little things you may have forgotten but are essential .I did remember the beer wine and brandy though and also the apple juice and water for Barb.
The weather over the three days we were at the the show was great which helped all the traders do some good business. However on Sunday morning when we were leaving the rain started but within one hour up the road it  stopped and the sun came out so I hope it was the same for the camp site we just left.
In order to fix a leak above the wind screen I removed the top of the  raised air intake and placed it on the bonnet. The bracket to hold it on was rusty so I removed the rust and repainted it. Later in the day I went out and thought I heard something fall off the land rover but could think of nothing that it may have been. At 7 o’clock the following morning on the way to do a couple of jobs on the land rover I spotted the repainted bracket and it dawned on me what had fallen from the land rover the previous day. I back tracked and a neighbour had kindly picked up two of the pieces and placed in his front drive. The third piece is nowhere to be found and so it has cost me 115 euros to get a new one from Germany. A very costly error
The raised air intake can be seen in the above photo by the driver’s.door.