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 -week 5 & counting down
 This is the new,very expensive, top for the raised air intake that we received from Germany this week. This one I will not loose as the previous one was on there for nine years before I decided take it off to de rust the bracket and this one can rust.
 Last week I went to the Pakistan Consulate here in Birmingham to obtain a visa but was turned away because they wanted a copy of my bank statement although that was not listed as a requirement. They also want a copy of the booking where I shall be staying which is very awkward as the only hotel in Quetta (the first major town we come to) which has internet booking is £195 per night 5 star job. I have printed a copy of hotel I may stay at and tell them that the hotel does not send out confirmation letters.

We have received our visas for Australia which was all done on line. We have also got our authorization number for Iran. This number issued from Tehran will enable us to have the visa stamped into our passport at the Iranian Embassy in London.For this we have to attend in person and have our finger prints taken. Who said travelling was easy!

We again went to the Pakistan Consulate this Tuesday and all went well and they did not ask where we were going to stay. They asked us to call back after 12.30 for the visa. On our return they said they only issue visas for three months and it would be out of date by the time we got there. All the information I have been getting is that a visa enables entry up to six months, which means that we will probably have to get one in Istanbul or Ankara. Today,Friday, we went to the Indian Consulate and this was so straight forward. They did not want copies of my passport, bank statements or travel insurance. We have to go back next Wednesday to collect our passports duly stamped with a visa I hope.This visa is for a period of six months.