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 -week 4 & counting down
 Saturday I had fantastic surprise 70th Birthday party. And surprise it was as I am not 70 until October. My daughters Shirley and Jayne organised the do as I would of course be away in October. I thought it was a wonderful night with so many friends and relatives there. Some I hadn’t seen for years. I did invite a couple of friends from Runcorn up for this weekend but they said they had a prior engagement. They had recently returned from spending a year travelling around Australia in their six wheel Range Rover. Their prior engagement was my party! Another couple came who we had spent many months travelling around South America with, and some of my old school mates who I am glad to say are still alive and kicking. A friend who I had spent many months working with on a camp site in Spain also came up from Brighton.

To everyone who came to the party I would like to say a sincere thank you as it was truly great to see all of you especially as it was so unexpected. I would like to write to you all individually but as I hope you all know I am writing this blog I thought I would catch you all with one email.  Love and best wishes to you all.

We collected our visas for India this week and it was all quite straight forward. I have decided to go through a company called Travcour (UK) Ltd to try and get the Pakistan Visa as they say on their web site that the visa is valid for six months with a maximum stay of 30 days. Their fee for the service is £40 per head which is worth it to save all the hassle in Ankara or Tehran. On the other hand we may not get the visa and it will still cost us 40 quid!

Pressure is beginning to mount now as there is still a few jobs to do on the land rover such as getting new tyres and a final service and I am waiting for some stickers to promote the HDA. Also there are many people to see as well as getting the flat ready to rent while we are away. I have planning permission to build a bungalow at the back of my flat so I am having to put in the footings before I go to safe guard my planning permission. This is another project to do when I get back . You can’t say life is dull.