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 Final week before we are off
 Well folks this it, the final week before we are off on our travels. Last week we had two outings with friends to curry restaurants and on Sunday we had twenty family and friends for a wonderful Sunday lunch.
Today ,Tuesday I had my final major service at Footloose 4x4 which should see me on my way with no trouble at all. I also collected a number of spares to add to what I already had.

We are renting our flat out( to help pay for the diesel)and we have had to have electrical and gas safety checks done and certificates obtained.We rent through an agent a few doors away who vet all the people and do the credit checks etc. The first couple who viewed put the full deposit down the following day which is good news. Now all we have to do is stow all our personal belongs away in one of the locked rooms.

I would like to thank Amy Bowen of the Sutton Observer and Christina Savvas of the Birmingham Evening Mail who both gave me a wonderful write up to publish our trip and the charity we are supporting. Also I would like to thank Dave Goode of who helped me put this web site together. I only hope I remember what to do once I am on the road and don’t have to email him to often.

My next diary event will be the other side of Europe.